Top 3 Bartending Schools in Atlanta

by Rob Doherty

Known for its southern charm and delicious barbeque, Atlanta, Georgia is more than just a city: it’s a destination. Given its appeal to tourists nationwide, restaurants are booming year round and bars serve more just sweet tea. If you’ve ever wanted to bartend or wanted to try something different, Atlanta is a great spot to start your career in the restaurant industry. Atlanta has three premier bartending schools that will whip you into shape and get you on the road to becoming a bartender in no time.

In this article, we’ll go over the Top 3 Bartending Schools in Atlanta.

Atlanta Bartending School
3754 Buford Highway Suite C1
Atlanta, GA 30329

45 hours
$300 (seasonal promotion)

Atlanta Bartending School teaches a ServeSafe course that trains its students on how to serve alcohol responsibly and know the signs of someone who has had too much to drink. They also teach a bartending and mixology course that teaches you how to bartend as well as the recipes for over 200 drinks. You will learn today’s hottest shooters, martinis, how to properly pour a Guinness (it’s not as easy as you think!), and the ins and outs of wine. Classes start every week so you don’t have to wait to start.

You have your pick between a morning, afternoon, evening, or weekend class where for two weeks you will learn how to set up and close a bar, use the cash register, and mix drinks. Or, take the one week accelerated course, where you will learn everything in half the time. Atlanta Bartending School can’t guarantee you a job upon graduation (no bartending school can, regardless of what they might say!), but they can offer you a local and national option so you don’t have to limit yourself to Atlanta.

ABC Bartending School – Atlanta
2459 Windy Hill Road, Suite 330
Marietta, GA 30067

40 hours

With over 35 years of experience training aspiring bartenders in the art of mixology, technique, speed, and customer service, ABC Bartending School is one of the premier bartending schools in the country. They have dozens of locations all over the country, so finding one near you couldn’t be easier. And if you’re based in of Atlanta, there’s one right in your backyard.

At ABC, you’ll be in good hands as you learn everything you need to know to land a job in bartending. Because they are a nationwide school, getting a job can be easier than with a newer bartending school. In all their years in the business, they have made numerous connections with restaurants all over the country, and these restaurants know that ABC produces top-notch bartenders. Once enrolle,d you’ll train in their bar room with soda guns, bottle inventory, and a full equipped bar so you can feel confident at your new job. Upon graduation, the school will even help you look for a job. Many graduates have gone on to bartend at restaurants such as the Ketel One Lounge, Club Insomnia, Olive Garden, and the Hyatt Hotel.

Action Bartending School
1136 Crescent Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30309

40 hours

The folks at Action Bartending School are aware that bartending is an ever-changing industry, so they make sure their classes reflect that by constantly changing their course to fit the demands of the industry. At Action, students learn the history of alcohol, the equipment found behind the bar, the latest drinks recipes, and customer service. Upon graduation, you’ll find yourself much more efficient and able to multi-task than you were before. They know what fruit goes with a Manhattan and which goes with a Cape Codder. Don’t know what a Manhattan or Cape Codder is? You will after you take this class. You’re given the option to take classes either in midtown or Norcross, five days a week. Weekend classes are also available. And as is the case with many bartending schools, the school will help you find a job. With so many connections, the odds are in your favor. Numerous students have gone on to work in successful 5 star hotels, bars, and nightclubs. Take it from a former student Tiffani B. She states; “Action Bartending School’s course was immensely helpful. I had zero previous bartending experience. Yet, I feel ready, Confident and Experienced at the completion of the course.”

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