Top 3 Bartending Schools in New York City

by Rob Doherty

In the city that never sleeps, bartenders are New York City’s keepers of the night.

The average bartender will get ready for work when most people are settling in for the night and leaving work when most people are getting up in the morning. Most people would call this a graveyard shift, but when working in a bar in the City of Dreams, the people are anything but dead. Whether you’re working in a club where house music is blaring from the loud speakers or a cozy little pub in Brooklyn, bartending in the city is a wonderful experience with the chance to pay your bills and then some. New York City has three premier bartending schools that come highly recommended by previous students. Whether you decide to go to 1-800-BARTEND, ABC Bartending or Columbia Bartending School, you won’t be disappointed. Not only will you learn how to make a cocktail, but you’ll pick up tips that will help you secure your first bartending job and impress not only your customers, but co-workers as well.

360 7th Ave
New York, NY 10001


1-800-BARTEND uses a hands-on approach to teach not only bartending, but also responsible alcohol service through their Bartending Alcohol Responsibility class. It’s this method of instruction that allows 1-800-BARTEND to certify their students with the Alcohol Training Awareness Program (ATAP) offered by the NYS Liquor Authority. Their bartending schools feature fully functional bartending environments complete with working soda guns, glassware, and all standard bartending equipment. Worried about not being prepared to or confident enough to interview for jobs? They are too, which is why you can take extra classes for free, just to make sure you are the prepared bartender you set out to be. With two NYC bartending schools and two Long Island Bartending schools, they have Metro NY covered.

ABC Bartending: New York
500 8th Ave #808
New York, NY 10018

40 hours

With 35 years of experience, ABC Bartending is one of the premier bartending schools in the country. From invested instructors that will guide you throughout the course, to a fun, fast-paced atmosphere, ABC Bartending will mold you into the perfect bartender so you can start working at a real bar in no time. Upon graduation you will have an extensive knowledge of cocktails, beer and wine. You’ll be able to tell the difference between a Chardonnay and a Riesling and the difference between dark rum, light rum, and spiced rum. With locations in Miami Beach, Dallas, Boston, and even Hawaii, ABC Bartending continuously teaches students how to pour beer and mix drinks across the country. Worried you won’t find a job? ABC Bartending has you covered. The school offers complimentary refresher courses for life, ensuring you an edge over your competition.

Columbia Bartending Agency and School of Mixology
2960 Broadway MC 5727
New York, NY 10027

10 hours

Did you know that most bartending schools don’t actually use alcohol? Instead, most schools use water with food dye as less expensive stand-ins. But Columbia Bartending Agency and School of Mixology (yes, that Columbia University) isn’t just any bartending school. They use real alcohol so you can get the experience of actually mixing drinks (and despite what anyone tells you, alcohol pours differently from water). Here, you will learn which alcohols pair well together and learns tips of the trade by real bartenders who will teach you what to expect once you’re a bartender. You will leave the class knowing multiple drink recipes, and even be TIPS certified so future employers can feel confident in hiring you. Overall, Columbia Bartending Agency and School of Mixology has a stellar reputation of knowledgeable and professional teachers and endless opportunities.

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