Top 2 Bartending Schools in Houston

by Rob Doherty

As the largest city in Texas and the fourth largest city in the United States, Houston is bustling with opportunities for aspiring bartenders looking to jumpstart their careers. Residents of Houston take pride in their city, with all of their museums, hotels, and restaurants found around town. If you’ve ever thought about working in the city and contributing to its growth, bartending is one of the best ways to meet all the kinds of people Houston has to offer. With two main bartending schools in the area, you’ll be giving back to your community while making plenty of money on the way.

In this article, we’ll go over the Top 3 Bartending Schools in Houston.

ABC Bartending School- Houston
3300 Chimney Rock Rd. #303
Houston, TX 77056

40 hours

With over thirty-five schools nationwide, ABC Bartending Schools knows how to get students ready for a career as a bartender. The ABC Bartending School in Houston is not only a member of Career Schools and Colleges, but also the National Bartenders Association and Texas Restaurant Association. While many bartending schools just teach you how to mix drinks, ABC Bartending School in Houston teaches you how to upsell, how to talk to customers, how to handle money, and techniques and tips for a job interview.

The school accommodates your schedule by offering daytime as well as evening classes taken over the course of one week, two weeks, or strictly weekend classes. Afraid you won’t get a job after graduation? Although they cannot guarantee you a job, the ABC Bartending School in Houston works with you to find jobs immediately upon graduation. If you decide to move, they’ll help you anywhere in the country. Just ask Ashley Sandergaard who works at Club Euro or Anthony Branch who got a job at the Capital Grill. Other graduates have gotten jobs at MGM Grand, Fox Sports Grill, and Chics Cabaret.

The bottom line: ABC Bartending School in Houston gets the job done.

Texas School of Bartenders- Houston
3845 Cypress Creek Parkway; Suite 194
Houston, Texas 77068

40 hours

When Jim Shearer opened the first Texas School of Bartenders 25 years ago, he wanted to teach aspiring bartenders the craft of bartending. He knew that bartending was more than just mixing drinks and handling money. Today, Shearer owns six different schools all the way from Dallas to Oklahoma City to Houston. Not only does he teach students the ins and outs of the craft but he also teaches them on Aloha POS system, so graduates can feel confident going into a job interview.

The classrooms are equipped with the latest technology and equipment that many students will find at a bar or restaurant. The school teaches students everything they need to know including setting up the bar and handling money. Upon graduation students will feel confident with their TABC Certification to tackle any job at hand.

Texas School of Bartenders in Houston has come a long way since they opened their doors. Since their inception they have won numerous awards and recognition. Skyy Vodka named them the National Champions in Las Vegas while the school also won the recognition of United Bartenders Guild National Champions. They’ve judged numerous “Best Bartenders” competitions and are members of numerous organizations such as the Better Business Bureau and the National Restaurant Association.

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