Top 3 Bartending Schools in Denver

by Rob Doherty

Home of the Denver Broncos, Denver Zoo, and majestic mountain ranges for skiing and snowboarding, Denver, Colorado is one of the most iconic cities in America. With so many attractions, you’d only expect there to be a plethora of bars and restaurants and bars scattered around the city. Naturally, these bars and restaurants need bartenders–that’s where you come in.

By graduating from one of Denver’s top bartending schools, you’ll be on your way to becoming a bartender and making enough money to pay your bills (and I’m just talking about the tips). At these schools you’ll learn how to sling drinks, interact with customers, and build a great resume so you can be hired right out of school.

In this article, we’ll go over the Top 3 Bartending Schools in Denver.

The Bartending School of Denver
5777 E Evans Ave, #3
Denver, CO 80222

40 hours

While many schools will teach you skills that you’ll never get to apply in the real world, The Bartending School of Denver vows to only teach you the techniques that you’ll actually be applying in the real world. Upon graduation, not only will you have the confidence to find a job, but you’ll be TIPS certified which will immediately set you apart from your competition.

The school offers four courses that are significantly more affordable than their competition. On the flipside, they’ll charge extra for TIPS certification and textbooks among other benefits. For examlpe, while most schools offer assistance in job placements, the Bartending School of Denver charges $40. This is great for those students who want a more a la carte experience, but not so good for someone who wants the whole package.

During their Bartending 101 class, you will learn your responsibilities as a bartender, bar procedures, basic bar management, and how to serve customers. You can take it in the morning or evening and can take a weekend course, a one week course, or a two week course. They even offer an open schedule in which students complete the course at their convenience. Not in the immediate area? The school also offers online courses complete with interactive videos so you can learn how to be an excellent bartender without ever leaving your house.

ABC Bartending School – Denver
3600 S. Beeler St. Suite 130
Denver, CO 80237

40 hours

Tony Sylvester opened the first ABC Bartending School in 1977. Since then he’s gone on to open plenty of other schools in cities like Dallas, Sacramento, New York, and Denver. The school in Denver offers students morning, afternoon, and evening classes to fit anyone’s schedule. During their classic 40 hour course, students learn valuable tips and techniques of working in a bar. Once graduated, they’ll know how to change shifts, close checks out, make fancy cocktails, free pour, and techniques for nailing the first interview.

Sylvester believes it’s important for students to gain experience, and works hard with them to land a job. Planning on moving? Not a problem. All the ABC schools are connected so you can travel to any city with an ABC location and get help finding a job.

Bartending and Casino College
1355 S. Colorado Blvd.
Empire Park Bldg-C, Suite #80
Denver, CO 80222

40 hours

Approved by Colorado Board of Higher Education, students attending Bartending and Casino College receive hands-on training taught by experienced teachers and will be TIPS certified upon graduation. While many schools claim they can be of assistance when looking for a job after graduation, few actually deliver. According to the Colorado State Department of Higher Education, 80% of former students found bartending jobs after graduating. Once a graduate of Bartending and Casino College, you’re guaranteed to be fast, efficient, and multi-tasking so you can serve numerous people at once, which is what bartending is all about!

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