Top 3 Bartending Schools in Boston

by Rob Doherty

Boston is known for its rich history, Ivy League schools, their wicked cool accents, die hard sports fans, and their constant use of the f-bomb. Besides their tough exterior, residents are also known for their sweeter side (shh, don’t tell anyone). Boston is also known for the obnoxious amount of bars (mostly Irish) that can be found at any corner of the city and the amount of Guinness that the average Bostonian can consume in any given day.

Bartending in Boston isn’t for the faint of heart, be prepared to get yelled at, harassed, and called all sorts of names. But worry not: chances are you’ll be best friends by the end of the night. Competition is tough and most restaurants won’t hire you unless you have experience.

The following are the top two bartending schools in Boston to show you how to mix, prepare, and serve with a hint of attitude.

DrinkMaster Bartending School
41 Winter Street Suite 55
Boston, MA 02108

20 hours

Many people who have taken bartending courses across the country complain that they can’t find employment after they graduate. While most schools help you look for a job, few can actually offer you jobs upon graduation. One of the few is DrinkMaster Bartending School. The school works directly with New Dimensions Inc. who has connections all over Boston. To date they’ve hired over 700 graduates to work events such as sports events, graduation parties, and house parties. Lucky graduates have even bartended at Presidential Debates! Unlike some other schools, DrinkMaster is priced reasonably at $450 for 20 hours of instruction. The school is also known to offer deals and promotions. DrinkMaster boasts the title of “Best of the Northeast” when it comes to Bartending Schools, a title given to them by none other than the Travel Channel. The school was even featured on VH1 in 2013. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as it’s the original bartending school in Boston. (Boston too far away? Drink Master also has two sister schools in Framingham and Worcester.)

Harvard Bartending Course
67 Mount Auburn Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

8 hours

Ever wanted to attend Harvard, but didn’t have the grades? Or maybe attending an Ivy League school was out of your price range. Either way, here is your chance. The school offers numerous courses that students can take that will give them the skills needed to excel at even the busiest bars. You don’t get bartending certification, but you do get TIPS certified, a certification that shows potential employers that you know how to responsibly serve alcohol. Although it’s not mandatory in the city of Boston, it is a great certification to have as some bars won’t hire you without it. Another popular course is the Deluxe Mixology Package. For $315, students get TIPS certified as well as complete a 4.5 hour course that includes bar set up, alcohol training, presentation, flair, and recipe techniques. It will also teach you the necessary job skills so you can get a job quickly. Upon graduation you’ll receive a Certificate of completion, a T-shirt, a Black Book of recipes, and a Manual that includes more recipes and information about local bars.

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